The Sins of The Father, science proving scripture?

  The face he made when he was angry always scared me.  The raw power my father scared everyone. What flowed through him could never be explained in words… only felt by everyone around him.  When Marvel released the new version of “The Hulk”, that was pretty much it. He was the nicest guy… until […]

Marriage and relationship issues

  Before we start, let me thank you for being a rare and amazing person! In a world of “30 seconds or less”, you’re one of a handful who take the time to listen, learn and grow. Be proud of that. Own how truly rare you are! Thank you 🙂 So, like most of us, […]

Shedding fear and massive transformation in under 2 hours!

  As a student of psychology and personal growth, I am always on the lookout for experiences that shake my soul and journey. A few months ago, I witnessed something that left me in awe and utter amazement. During an event hosted by Bart & Sunny Miller, something magical unfolded. Within hours, the attendees shed […]

Feeling “Unlucky”? Here’s my game plan…

  What if we could influence our own luck? What if it’s not just a random force, but something we can intentionally shape? I’ve been diving into “Conscious Luck” by Gay Hendricks, one of my favorite authors. It’s got me reflecting on my past mindset. Once upon a time, my Jeep’s license plate read “Be […]

Trouble sleeping?

  My wife, Crystal, was a night owl. Her sleep patterns were erratic, to say the least. Some nights, she’d be wide awake, her mind racing with thoughts. Other nights, she’d sleep in late, trying to catch up on the rest she’d missed. I couldn’t understand it. Why couldn’t she just “go to sleep”? Then […]

Destiny rewards you… your time is coming

  Do you believe in destiny? Being honest, I’ve struggled with this at different times.  In the end though, the truth is always revealed and the reasons behind my challenging times are revealed. Like when that guy from the famous TV show says “move that bus”… my new home in life is revealed. A new […]