Destiny rewards you… your time is coming


Do you believe in destiny?

Being honest, I’ve struggled with this at different times. 

In the end though, the truth is always revealed and the reasons behind my challenging times are revealed. Like when that guy from the famous TV show says “move that bus”… my new home in life is revealed. A new place in life from a massive “life remodel”. 

I’m writing to speak to all of us who’ve been drawn together. 

If you’re reading this, you’re on a very short list of people the Universe sent and it’s our time to shine and to step out of the shadows of life.

There is so much more we have to give to the world. 

We help no one by staying in the dark or “playing it safe”. 

Recently I’ve been studying a system that was reported to have originated in Ancient Egypt and I think it has importance for you too.

Today’s takeaway, is that this is OUR time to shine. 

Are you ready to join me in doing some wonderful things together?

PS. If learning new systems and the belief in fate/destiny isn’t for you, or if you’re not ready yet to shine with us, that’s OK. Timing is everything right? We will start to see who rises to the top of our tribe and who is ready to join in some fun and exciting new times 🙂 

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