Trouble sleeping?


My wife, Crystal, was a night owl.

Her sleep patterns were erratic, to say the least. Some nights, she’d be wide awake, her mind racing with thoughts. Other nights, she’d sleep in late, trying to catch up on the rest she’d missed.

I couldn’t understand it. Why couldn’t she just “go to sleep”?

Then we discovered she had sleep apnea. It wasn’t just affecting her sleep; it was taking a toll on her mental and physical health.

Crystal was a fighter. She channeled her energy into helping others, perhaps as a way to escape the reality of her own struggles. But the truth was, many of the health issues she faced were preventable. They were the result of choices we make every day.

Do we confront our emotional struggles head-on?

Do we seek help for our sleep issues?

Do we make healthier food choices?

Do we invest time in educating ourselves?

Do we believe we’re worthy of self-care?

Today, I write to you with a heavy heart but also a hopeful spirit. I urge you to choose YOU. To live your life with the passion and purpose you were meant to have.

Losing Crystal two months ago was a devastating blow. It’s even harder knowing that it could have been avoided.

In Wayne Dyer’s book “I Can See Clearly Now”, he talks about recognizing the patterns in his life upon reflection. I find myself in a similar place now, seeing the patterns more clearly than ever.

So, what’s next, %FIRSTNAME%?

You have a choice.

You can continue as you are.


You can choose to shine brightly, to live passionately.

Please, choose wisely. Your life is at stake. Every day lost is a day you’ll never get back.

    P.S. I’ll be sharing more practical steps soon to help you make these choices. But for now, do something today that makes you feel alive! Once you’ve done it, reply and let me know what it was, okay?

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