I was praying “Please let me get on this plane”. Flying standby can be a gamble and I really wanted to make it to Sacramento mid afternoon as I had hoped.

The gate agent who I had just chatted with earlier about her stunning wedding ring, looked up and me and said “you may be in luck , there’s a family of 3 and they have 2 minutes to get here, or the seat is yours”

I immediately thought, I hope I get on!

Then I realized how selfish that was.

So I changed my prayer. “God let them make it, and I’ll be cool with whatever you decide. Oh well duh, your God so clearly you’re in charge. So yeah. Just whatever you want ok? I’ll make it all work out”

I looked up at the agent and said “I prayed they make it, for their sake… And if they don’t , yay for me I guess?” I chuckled nervously as I try to surrender again.

I finished my prayer, immediately hearing a different gate agent speaking to someone behind me.

“Sacramento!?” He called out, questioning whoever had just walked up.

I turned to see a family of three who could not speak English. They were rushed through the doors before the gate was to close.

My heart sank a little and I remembered my promise. It’s cool, it will be ok.

Thirty seconds later. The gate agent looked up at me and said “ok”, then looked down at her computer, trying to get me on the next flight.

I turned to the other standby’s passenger, smiled, and said “well, looks like we’re on the next flight buddy”

I was semi interrupted by the gate agent.

“No, it’s your lucky day, I think I have a seat for you, but I will have to go on the plane and check, follow me k?”

“Yes mam!” I replied with humility and appreciation.

She led me into through the doors and I heard them close behind us. Once they close, some sort of magic keeps them from opening again and I felt pretty secure I was gonna get a seat!

You know, I actually was ok if I didn’t. I wanted to get a seat, but if I didn’t get one, I was just humbled and honored by how kind she was being and how far she was willing to go to help me.

She walked the whole plane and stopped to instruct a man who was not in his assigned seat to move. She then turned to me and said “here you go, you got this seat, 💺 your good!”

I wanted to hug her, but by this time, the entire plane was looking at us, and I settled for just rubbing her arm slightly, looking in her eyes and saying “thank you” from the very depth of my soul.

I type this out from United Flight 1415 headed to Sacramento! United employees are the best!!

We’re given opportunities to surrender.

This entire day has been about surrender and trust for me. If I told you the whole story, it would be too long, but it’s been beautiful and affirming.

Our thoughts matter.

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