Love ... It Really Is All You Need.

When you follow the prompts of the Universe, you end up in the right place, at the right time.

Even if you don’t get what you “wanted”, you will always get what you need.


Being alone sucks!

Oh yeah… that little black cassette tape with its “scotch tape over the hole” was my prized possession. I played it over and over. I had to write down every single word.

Musings and Memories From Decades of Personal Growth & Surrender

Personal growth isn’t a choice for some of us. It’s the reason Mike was born. Pick a story from the past the resonates with you. All stories are true. 


I was praying “Please let me get on this plane”. Flying standby can be a gamble and I really wanted to make it to Sacramento mid afternoon as I had hoped. The gate agent who I had just chatted with earlier about her stunning wedding ring, looked up and me

Cop1 : “Sir, Are you on drugs?”

Me: “huh?” As the fog cleared from my eyesight, a new fish eyed face appeared in front of me. It was a cop! He was shaking me awake on the driver side of my truck, while another was opening my door on the passenger side to dig through my floorboards.

Lessons From Winning the Talent Show

I planted my feet firmly after doing 4 back-to-back forward flips. Dizzy, but too scared to stop, I started to shake and vibrate like a mad man. “Keep dancing” was all I could think. “Mr Roboto” from Sytx screamed over the school speakers and I tried to keep it together.

Practical Magic

Are you embracing your magic? In the movie Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock, there’s a scene where she says to detective Quinn; “When I was a little girl I worked a spell so I would never fall in love… I asked for qualities in a man that I knew couldn’t

“Why won’t he just surrender to love?”

Is he broken or have you evolved, or ??? “Why won’t he just surrender to love?” she asked… her desire to understand had her in tears. She ended her pain filled session with “I mean, we’re so good together, I just don’t get it?”. Hmm, how to answer this without


I walked around the event all day in shock… How had no one noticed? I mean, I was obvious right?! Then I was called to center stage at the marketing event. “Everyone give a hand to my friend Mike Hill” Yanik yelled into his handheld microphone as he emceed his


No two people are ever going to see relationships exactly the same. Even people who grew up in the same household will carry different views and different memories of the exact same events. My wife and I had very different views on many things. Over time, she adopted many of


WARNING: THE DANCE THAT CHANGED IT ALL… I stared into the eyes of my wife on our first wedding dance, she was so beautiful. She held the back of my neck she whispered into my ear something that changed my life forever… “I quit taking my birth control, I’m ready