Feeling “Unlucky”? Here’s my game plan…


What if we could influence our own luck? What if it’s not just a random force, but something we can intentionally shape?

I’ve been diving into “Conscious Luck” by Gay Hendricks, one of my favorite authors. It’s got me reflecting on my past mindset.

Once upon a time, my Jeep’s license plate read “Be Fate”. I was a firm believer in shaping my own destiny, primarily through the power of my mind. Life was beautiful.

Lately, though, I’ve had plenty of reasons to feel “unlucky”. I won’t list them all, but let’s just say it’s a long list. It’s a stark reminder that we attract what we focus on. And my focus hasn’t been on how lucky I am.

So, starting today, I’m changing my tune. I’m telling myself, you, and everyone else: I am lucky! There’s an exercise in the book that involves writing out this simple statement with both hands (to tap into subconscious mind programming):

“I, ______, make a sincere commitment to being lucky, now and forever.”

This might sound a bit strange to some, but as someone who’s spent most of my life feeling lucky, it makes perfect sense to me. I attract what I focus on, and I’ve spent months focusing on what’s going wrong in my life. No more.

The book also had me write down another statement:

“I acknowledge that through the power of my commitments, both conscious and subconscious, I’ve created my life the way it is now. I now choose to use this power to create my life the way I consciously want it to be.”

I wrote this down, along with the luck commitment, and signed and dated the paper.

It’s not that I need things to turn around for my luck. It’s that I KNOW they are, and I believe that this book, which I found in my Audible library and somehow never listened to, is the gateway back to good.

If you feel like joining me, I’ll update more as I move through this process.

If you want to join, write out your own paper today. Download the book, or just start by making a commitment to seeing, believing, and becoming more lucky.

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