Shedding fear and massive transformation in under 2 hours!


As a student of psychology and personal growth, I am always on the lookout for experiences that shake my soul and journey.

A few months ago, I witnessed something that left me in awe and utter amazement.

During an event hosted by Bart & Sunny Miller, something magical unfolded. Within hours, the attendees shed their fears, embraced their future, and even bestowed a name upon it. 

Allow me to share with you the incredible process they underwent.

Normally, at these events, I tend to stay in my room, disengaging from others and focusing on my serving rather than learning. However, this time, something felt different. The people were different.

There was a strong desire to remain in the room with them, to connect with and be near these students. Following my instincts, I decided to follow this Universal prompt.

Now, let me outline how these incredible humans were able to release their fears:

Bart initiated the exercise by saying, “Okay, now I want you to write down all the things you envision yourself becoming in the future. Embrace all the aspects of yourself that you desire to embody. Whether it’s increased confidence, a different style of dress, more outgoing nature, or directness—don’t place any limits on yourself. Focus solely on what you truly want. Additionally, I encourage you to envision dressing differently, as it can greatly support your transformation.”

He continued, “This list represents your Alter Ego. I want you to think deeply about this person and give them a name. Write down your alter ego’s name at the top of your name tag. Throughout the remainder of this event, I want you to go by this name if possible and act as your alter ego. But remember, it’s not about pretending; it’s about embodying that persona through method acting. You need to feel and live out all the qualities of your alter ego.”

I studied intently as people eagerly penned their dream lists of personality traits.

Ironically, I had previously undergone a similar exercise with the only other Bart I know. It was my key to success! It also sparked what my daughter and wife referred to as my “glow up.” The power of this exercise is immense, and while I’ve attempted to share it before, it has never been quite like this. Bart was exceptional at guiding this process—he’s a true pro! Therefore, even without participating in the exercise myself, I had a front-row seat to witness everyone’s profound transformation.

Following the exercise, individuals who were once timid became assertive (in a positive way). Those who hesitated to share their thoughts now openly sought advice on their business and personal endeavors. For most people, the complete transformation occurred within a couple of hours. Initially, there was about an hour of observation as they witnessed the remarkable changes in those around them. Then, they accepted their own mission and delved deeper into character and truly owned their new identities.

What astonished me the most was the profound physical transformation in everyone! I finally understood what my wife and daughter had been saying. Men became more attractive, while women radiated magnetic allure! They had granted themselves permission to embrace their true selves—the beautiful beings they had long feared becoming.

One woman had transformed so drastically overnight that I initially mistook her for a new attendee. Yet, I had spoken to her at length the day before! Yes, this exercise holds that level of power when we wholeheartedly commit.

It is worth noting that those who had family members or friends present found the exercise more challenging. The presence of judgment from familiar faces made it harder to fully embody their new personas. On the other hand, attendees without such constraints felt freer and more supported in becoming whomever they desired.

Throughout my years, I have never witnessed such a collective transformation in a group setting, even in the most altered states induced by substances. This experience was pure, powerful, and awe-inspiring to behold.

I share all this with you because recently, my daughter Nicole and I had a conversation about the ego and the self. Despite her young age of 19, her wisdom surpasses her years and that of most people I know.

She said, “Dad, one of my favorite posts was from a girl who said that in order for her to change, all she had to do was act like the new person. She didn’t try to be different, heal herself, or fix anything—she simply acted as the new person, and it helped her.”

I wholeheartedly agreed and shared the transformation at Bart & Sunny’s event. Nicole and I agreed, THIS IS THE WAY!

So, I ask you, are you willing to take action and “act” to achieve your goals?

What if the change you desire is merely a simple acting method away? It can start with a single day and expand from there if you so choose.

In truth, we are all constantly acting.

We typically default to a familiar character, the one we portrayed yesterday. Many of us effortlessly transition between different roles without even realizing it. Today, we may be the “nice guy” or the “bad girl,” while tomorrow we could embody the “helpless victim” or the “hero savior.” Honestly, there is nothing inherently wrong with any of these roles when seen through the lens of truth. However, if you want to play a different character, go ahead! You have the power to write your movie script every day. If someone else has taken control of the pen, take it from their hands and make the next person have to pry it from you! Never give that pen away!

Choose and craft your own character, then step into that skin and inhabit it as long as you want.

IMPORTANT: Those accustomed to your “normal daily character” may be unsettled.

Imagine if the main character in your favorite TV series suddenly changed their behavior, demeanor, and way of speaking—it would likely upset you too. You expect them to “act” in a certain way (notice how we use the word “act” to describe someone’s state of being). You rely on that stability to determine your own behavior. So, please, do not blame others for their fear (yes, it all boils down to fear). Instead, inform them that you are exploring new roles as part of a personal psychological study, and encourage them to do the same. 🙂

The impact of this entire experience and witnessing such dramatic change in a group of individuals who wholeheartedly embraced it shook me to my core.

Are you ready to go “all in” to achieve what you desire?

What is holding you back? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!


Bart’s event, “I Do Epic,” was unequivocally the most remarkable event I have ever attended. It wasn’t a superficial pep talk or overwhelming marketing frenzy. It struck the perfect balance between marketing insights, personal growth, and genuine sharing, all within a safe and supportive environment. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Sunny and Bart for inviting me, giving me the opportunity to speak, and for illustrating just how profound small acts of change can be. If you ever receive an invitation to one of their events, seize the opportunity! I am back on my mission, reinvigorated by Bart’s impact. If you have benefited from my writings in the past weeks, please visit Bart’s page and express your gratitude. He deserves to know the immense ripple effect he has had on all of us. We all need that. 🙂

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