We live in an age where entertainment is surprisingly able to deliver all new heights and value to society. To me, Ted Lasso is and will likely always be, one of the pinnacles of art, humanity and love expression in video media. 

Our media is also able to provide the lowest of lows 🙁 Some programs literally steal from the soul and life force of their viewers. One can literally feel the division, anger, and overt negative manipulation of the writers and directors who were hell bent on creating a limbic response. Screw humanity, let’s get views!

I just finished watching Mrs. Davis on Peacock. 

Until I finished the last episode I wasn’t sure if I was going to share this with you all. (It may upset some devout folks). 

Then something happened.

I found myself crying last night while watching the final episode. I don’t mean “a single tear ran down his face as he wept for the children”. I mean, I wiped my entire face off and I was a mess!

That’s not the crazy part. If you know me, I can be a blubbering baby when it comes to losing myself in a storyline. What matters is WHO I was crying for. 

This was only once in a couple times in 52 years when I actually wept for Jesus. (I’m not a devout Catholic or Christian and my views are strange to say the least). 

But this show did something very magical that no other show has done in my life. It made Jesus REAL and created a bond with his character. (can’t get into more without spoilers)

I felt him inside of myself. 

Not from a spiritual perspective, but from a psychological one. I was able to see the Jesus in myself. I was able to have a bond that I had never experienced. I feel a little choked up now, as I write this. 

It was beautiful. 

I’m sure some will find issues with the way the story is being delivered, the details of the characters, and honestly a ton of things, including violence, language, sex and more. 

What matters to me is how did the show make me feel about my soul and my journey. I left it feeling closer to God, closer to Jesus, and it does an amazing job of helping remove “fear of AI”. Something I had already surrendered at many levels, but not all. 

So, if you felt called like I did to watch it, but like me, haven’t started it yet. Maybe try it? 

If you weren’t called to it, it’s probably for a good reason! It’s super irreverent and pretty much does whatever it wants. But for weirdos like me, it was funny, fun, and in the end, left me feeling positive about my love for the world, AI and Jesus 🙂

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