It really isn’t “fair” is it?


When my family and I were in Texas for Crystal’s medical treatments, every day was a challenge. The energy of the city, the massive amount of people, the anger, it was so much!

Damn those mirrors always reflecting back to me! (other people)

It would be easy to say that I’ve changed and relaxed because of some magical peace that has fallen upon me. But in truth, the peace surrounds me. How can I not be in peace here in my beautiful town? Those of my friends who live locally understand. It’s not like anywhere else in the entire world! When you’re here, it’s just calm.

Of course the mirrors are still here. (other people)

However, when I found the time and ability to ground, be grateful for my space and to be genuinely grateful for all, the reflections of chaos started to subside. The world does not appear angry to me any more. Whatever may appear from time to time, I see clearly for what it is, “choice”, inviting me to fear, forget and devour. I respectfully decline.

But it’s EASY while here on my island in the mountains!

It’s easy when I spend no less than 5 hours every week listening to audiobooks that remind my soul to be at peace.

It’s easy when I have so many friends that send love and appreciation daily.

It’s easy when I can hug my daughter every night and she knows I love her without limitation.

It was not always easy.

To arrive on the island here took work, focus and surrender. But as I mentioned yesterday, in the end, I had to forgive myself for the past. To me, all forgiveness is really self forgiveness.

If you’re not on your physical island like me, or maybe just a great mental island yet, what do you need to do?

Are you consuming the right energy? Are you consuming the wrong energy?

Are you giving the love to each and every person you come into contact with?

Are you willing to dig deep into the WHY behind any addictions? Love, codependence, trauma, lust, etc?

Remember, when you build your island and move in, you will be taking your baggage with you. The key of course is to drop as much baggage as you can so that the island isn’t just a prettier place with the same stuff in it 🙂 Let your island find you!

Then life becomes unfair in your favor 🙂Love you all so much and I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you 🙂

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