I made a lot of mistakes


Made a lot of mistakes in my life. The one I never made, was giving up on my love.

We were far from perfect, but commitment meant something to us both and we understood the journey we were on.

I see the busy in the world and know how important Ram Dass was for me. How important it was for me to reject his teachings earlier in life so that I could accept them at the right moment to prepare my soul to lose my love.

The importance of seeing life life through the lens of less.

The importance of slowing down.

The importance of being Loving Awareness.

The week before her passing in March things got clear. No material thing or material goal truly matters.

Did you love?

Were you loved?

Are you love?

Did you let your children know they were loved?

Did you tell everyone how much they mattered?

Are you at peace with yourself and your God?

If you choose to accumulate anything, count the number of hearts you have helped to know the truth of their beauty and love. You get to take that with you.

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