How I found my soulmate


Her name was Heather and at the time, I thought she was the best thing ever! 

She introduced me to Madam Krystle. Not my wife, but my psychic bestie the last 25 years now. 

I remember the day that Heather took me to Krystles house. I can’t tell you what I had for dinner 3 nights ago, but boy if I don’t remember with absolute certainty what Krystle said as Heather and I sat in front of her. 

“You two’s, you’re not soulmates… You can make it work, because you’s both so beautiful and you’re so kind to each other, but you not soul mates”.  Krystle has the coolest accent!

I was bummed! Heather was going to believe this woman! I liked Heather and while we’d never dated or been romantic, I felt fully supported by my friend and was honestly hoping for more.

Of course, in the end, Krystle was right. She always is. We weren’t soul mates and the woman I had just broken up with for the third time was to end up being my wife. My own Crystal. 

Krystle was helping Heather find her soul mate after her marriage to another friend didn’t work out. Heather’s faith in Krystle made me feel sorry for her. How could she have bought into this woman’s psychic crap so much?

At that time, I had not even started reading “You Are Psychic” the book that turned me around.

Eventually Krystle helped me find my soul mate Crystal. I credit my whole life success to her giving me the nudge I needed to embrace my wife with open arms and an open heart. 

What would have happened if I had not met her?

What would have happened if I had simply kept lying to myself about love?

What would have happened if my wife had not helped me to be the best man possible?

What would my daughter be like if she was not the child of my amazing love?

I shudder to think of the answers 🙁 

So for you, I want the same. 

Here is Krystle’s cell phone number. You can text her now and book an appointment for yourself. This is not a joke, this is her actual cell I text at least weekly. 530-321-5752

You can call of course, but I recommend texting first to be sure she’s not busy, she usually is! 

This is NOT a free thing! You have to respect the energy exchange between you and her. Heck, you have to respect the energy exchange in all things, but especially her and this. It means so much. 

Do not text something to “test her”. Please don’t waste her time or your own. Only message her if you are serious. This is my friend. I take her time and her work seriously.  Her $100 package is the best one in my opinion, but she has higher and lower priced options too. 

Please please please, know the power of what I’m offering you here today. This is hands down the one resource and friend that has helped me the most, my entire life! 

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