Can you see it?


It was late afternoon and the streets of Manhattan were packed! I had just left a 3 day Iboga meditation retreat though, and nothing was going to pull me into chaos. I felt completely at peace and completely one with the world.

Iboga is the only plant medicine I’ve ever felt “called to try”, and that feeling proved to be very spot on!

As we walked down the street, my friends Shore and Liora listened as I excitedly explained everything I saw in my meditations. As he listened, Shore chimed in every so often to tell me a nugget of truth, some fact behind my visions. Something from the real world! I was calm, but trippin too.

I explained that at one point, I knew I had done a meditation wrong. I ended up inside the sun, not on top of the ball of fire, like everyone else. Why do I gotta make shit so different?

Shore looked at me with a weird tilt and said “keep going”… (turns out the sun is also a portal)

I kept sharing… “Well, I entered the sun through this pyramid door that was inside of the sun itself. When I entered the pyramid, inside only a single chair sat in the middle of this bright space. It was a huge pyramid with light emanating from the four walls. The pure white light seemed to pulse from the walls like a heartbeat. It wasn’t blinding, but beautiful and calming. Other than the chair, the only other thing in this pyramid was the symbol of the flower of life that was carved into the top of one of the pyramid surfaces.”

That’s when Shore interrupted me.

“DUDE! You are describing exactly what they found in Tibet. Some search party found the pyramid you are talking about with white walls, the flower of life, but no chair of course. They were going to do some exploring and studying, but when they went back, with the Tibetan monks to the exact location where that pyramid was…. it was gone.”

He stared at me with shocked eyes and his mouth wide open.

I replied “So what I saw, someone found that?”

“YES!” He half-screamed.

I replied…. “Dude, that IS crazy! Why didn’t the monks”…

I was stopped while speaking and walking! A hand pressed firmly against my chest.

I looked away from shore, down at the hand on my chest. It was holding a bracelet of prayer beads!

I looked up… the hand was attached to a Tibetan Monk in full garb! HOLY SHIT!!! The word monk hadn’t even left my lips fully yet, and poof!

Shore and I looked at each other in utter shock and awe. We are on the streets of Manhattan having a discussion about Tibetan Monks and then one just appears seemingly out of nowhere? I mean I’ve seen them around, but at that exact moment and stopping ME?

His paper slip of course indicated that he sold these to eat and for his pilgrimage. He had no idea what we were saying, or the effect he had on this story as it was unfolding from synchronicity to synchronicity. He had no clue HE was a synchronicity of the highest magnitude for me!

So, we gave him the cash we had on hand, accepted the synchronicity and the bracelet gift, and continued on our way.

There is a TON more to that meditation and this story, but let’s save that for another time ok?

There’s something more important to share.

A few months later, Crystal and I were at a Joe Dispenza Progressive workshop in Philadelphia when they still did those.

It was a dinner break and we were walking down the street with some new friends from the event, when the subject of synchronicities came up. And of course, I just can’t keep my mouth shut about mine.

So I started telling them about what happened in New York.

I’m super excited, telling my story, and I get to the part about The Flower Of Life on the pyramid wall.

That’s when one of the gals interrupts me asking

“What’s a Flower Of Life?”

I’m honestly dumbfounded they didn’t know. But it’s kind of important to the story, so I pause my story, thinking of every flower of life reference they may know.

“You know, like they found on the ancient pillars?” … nothing

“You know the pattern that looks like all the circles?”… nothing

“OK, you know the lion! You have to know the lion. His foot stands on the flower of life sphere in those Chinese statues?”

… still nothing.

I’m starting to get excited again.

“You have to know the lion, you’ve probably seen it and not realized it, I wish I”….

At this point I’m walking backwards while storytelling and run into someone or something. No, not another monk. I turned around quickly and it was the damn lion! TWO OF THEM! Both with the flower of life under foot. I freak out!

“Oh my god! You guys this… this is the flower of life!” I yell while pointing at the sphere under his foot.

For me, this is just too much.

I mean, you think I would be used to this craziness by now, but no. I’m always astonished and act like a little kid when it happens. And that’s why it keeps happening!

Crystal pointed out that we happened to be walking in Chinatown and that this is common in Chinese culture. True facts. But to me, facts explain a synchronicity, they are not its cause. I was always that freaky husband who was one coincidence away from being locked up.

But this is the difference between belief and non belief. I KNEW that the universe was and is always conspiring in my favor. My love did not.

Years later after me telling that story, and her always giving the left brain reasons why it wasn’t so special, it happened for her.

She was driving in the desert to Las Vegas, listening to Joe Dispenza’s book. Having just finished her first cancer treatments for breast cancer she was in the process of total surrender.

I remember her calling me up crying.

“I’m so sorry. I was just driving and listening to Joe, and then I was thinking about your stupid story about those lions and I looked up love. There were two of those fucking things just sitting in the desert. What the hell are they doing here! I understand now and I’m sorry I doubted you or the universe. There is literally no way I could have been thinking of anything else and have it appear like those damn Lions”

So, does your love have her own Lions?

Are you seeing them for her or him?

Are you judging him or her for not seeing them?

Love is about seeing the freak in front of you and saying “I love you freak and I want to see your Lions and your Monks”

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