When you are truly on “the path”, you look pretty damn insane to nearly everyone. Especially those who love you.

Most of the last 15+ years have been spent in total surrender.

Nothing was consciously chosen and everything was based on coincidence, synchronicity and the hand of God. Carolyn Myss calls it “listening to your angels”. I believe that’s true.

My life has been full of Miracles. Some look like angelic events and others look like curses sent to destroy my reality.

Both are miracles.

If a miracle is something you’re not able to do without some divine intervention, then who says that your broken leg wasn’t a miracle? It forced you to slow down and you’ve been praying for that!

What about losing a job? Was it a miracle?

Would you have quit on your own? Would you have taken the gamble on a new career? Would your spouse have supported you?

Surrender is not about becoming a willy-nilly flake, driving through life with no hands on the wheel. Driving with no hands is just dangerous.

I like to think of the divine as a course correcting GPS that reroutes me constantly based on the current conditions AND my past decisions.

This Divine GPS can see the danger ahead and reroutes me constantly. If I haven’t been listening, the road may LOOK really bad while I’m navigating back on my correct course.

When “Turn left in 200 feet” comes over the speaker, I just do it.

Sure there are some screams from the other seats in the car of my life. “This GPS is wrong, that’s going to take you right into the bad area of town”. “You’re gonna get us killed” they may scream.

Family and friends mean well.

To them, you ARE crazy! They know better than you, after all, being in total control has kept them safe and alive.

Alive, yes! Living? That’s debatable.

Divine GPS knows better than every human alive. The 20 car pileup that would have killed you was avoided by simply not judging the bad part of town. Trust.

Living in surrender is actually very liberating and fun.

When you keep your hands on the steering wheel, guided by the signs or prompts that show up, life is a lot less stressful and thankfully most of the miracles are fun. 🙂IMPORTANT NOTE: You still get to program your GPS with a destination if you like, you’re just letting the Universe work out how you get there. If you’ve ever taken a road trip and had the destination be “somewhere that way”, you know what I mean. The places you end up along the path are so much cooler than any destination you could consciously choose 🙂

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