From Anger to Love

The jumps we make on the ladder of emotion are not always easy. In fact, sometimes they can feel impossible.

In a single day, all of my beliefs and the way I saw the world changed. Anger faded.

It happened about 5 years ago in a 3 day meditation. I’m going to give you the cliff notes version to hopefully speed your journey along, but before I do that, you have to know, I prepared for and prayed for this event for a long time.

I had not eaten meat or dairy in months. I didn’t and still don’t drink…my body was clean. We can’t see through a clouded window now can we? Everything I cut out helped to raise my vibration.

Even in my sleep deprived state, I can remember the spark of insight so clearly.

Were all spirits, living a human existence. It was something I had heard and considered for a LONG time. But one element of that statement hit me like a wave of love and truth.

What spirit would want to come to earth to inflict pain on another? Why would any soul coming here agree to be the pain in someone else’s life story?

Now I don’t know if you have kids or not, but as a parent, sometimes we’re “the pain” in our child’s experience. We do certain things for our kids because we love them. They may not like it, but we have no choice but to protect them with structure and love.

That’s the moment I saw every pain I’d experienced through the souls experiencing them, and not the human. The time when my birth father kicked me across a room. My mother, leaving my father and not trying harder to make it work. My mom pushing me from her room to stop the cycles of physical abuse that had been handed down. Sure, each of these actions were actions by humans. But they were also actions by souls. Souls that knew, in order for my story to play out, they had to play their role in that story. Like the script of a movie, someone had to play the “bad guy” in that specific scene.

I had spent decades angry about the way I was treated, mistreated, or just ignored. But the truth was, I would never be who I am, nor could I ever be who the world needed me to be, if it wasn’t for EVERY part of the story.

No one wants to play the role of the “abusive evil character” in Mike’s movie, not even a soul. So, to those souls that agreed to come here and help shape me in some way through pain, thank you! I’m sure it sucked to play the evil guy/gal in this version of “Mike 8, Faster & More Furious”. But I am grateful. We’re truly all human actors in a soul movie. We just get so deep into our method acting, we forgot we’re still on set. But I can see their light. You can see it too, even if they can’t.

This is the moment I understood Jesus and started to cry. It’s the moment I fell in love with what he meant for this world. (never really been a Christian if I’m being honest)

When you can see the soul, the acts of the human become far less important. They literally “know not what they do”. We are all one. We are all the whole soul.

I know this is a lot deeper than my usual shares, but someone replied to an email this week, asking about my journey from Anger to Love, and this was the day I let anger go.

Every time I experience anger now, I think of the soul and not the human. I stop and remember that without the hurt from this person, I would never become what my soul agreed to be before coming here. So, instead of anger, I try to hold thanks. I hold reverence, and I hold love for the soul in front of me. The human becomes invisible and the white light remains. I try 🙂

It’s not always easy, but it does get easier the more you practice it.

I remember the words of Mother Teresa. Kind words that had no meaning when I first heard them. “I see Jesus in his most distressing disguise”.

Now I believe I know what she was referring to by “seeing the face of Jesus”. She sees Jesus in every person on the streets of Calcutta and everywhere she goes. To her, all souls are the face of Jesus, because we are all one.

I hope this helps you as much as the experience helped me.

P.S. yes, there are truly bad deeds, and some truly bad events. But my job is not to focus on them. My role here is clear. I am to reveal the light and by doing so, the dark will fade.

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