When you are truly on “the path”, you look pretty damn insane to nearly everyone. Especially those who love you. Most of the last 15+ years have been spent in total surrender. Nothing was consciously chosen and everything was based on coincidence, synchronicity and the hand of God. Carolyn Myss calls it “listening to […]

Trouble sleeping?

  My wife, Crystal, was a night owl. Her sleep patterns were erratic, to say the least. Some nights, she’d be wide awake, her mind racing with thoughts. Other nights, she’d sleep in late, trying to catch up on the rest she’d missed. I couldn’t understand it. Why couldn’t she just “go to sleep”? Then […]

Destiny rewards you… your time is coming

  Do you believe in destiny? Being honest, I’ve struggled with this at different times.  In the end though, the truth is always revealed and the reasons behind my challenging times are revealed. Like when that guy from the famous TV show says “move that bus”… my new home in life is revealed. A new […]