Practical Magic

Are you embracing your magic?

In the movie Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock, there’s a scene where she says to detective Quinn;

“When I was a little girl I worked a spell so I would never fall in love… I asked for qualities in a man that I knew couldn’t possibly exist.”

How deeply romantic this was completely passed me by when Crystal told me “Practical Magic is my favorite movie”. We had just met and I was clueless about the depths of a person’s favorite movie, much less my future wife.

In one movie choice, she revealed her fear of being loved and how much she loved me the moment we met. She made a list, and I was everything on that impossible list.

The last week has been rough. I realized I’ve been unwilling to let her go. Staying busy, doing things, traveling, anything.

So what’s a man to do?

Watch a ton of romance movies and cry to let it all go? Sounds manly! I’m In!

I sent this today because while I watched her favorite movie “Practical Magic” again, I was reminded how powerful love is.

Like Sally in the movie, Crystal made her list and when she least expected it, we found each other.

You deserve to be loved

You deserve to give love

You deserve boundless love

You are magical!

Now, today…. right now.

Be that love for whoever is closest to you.

Even if he doesn’t have two different colored eyes or a badge 😉 Even if she’s not that bewitched girl you dreamt of. If you are together, give them 100% of your love without reservation.

Embrace your magic, it’s your huge heart. 🙂

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