I walked around the event all day in shock…

How had no one noticed? I mean, I was obvious right?!

Then I was called to center stage at the marketing event.

“Everyone give a hand to my friend Mike Hill” Yanik yelled into his handheld microphone as he emceed his own Underground Marketing Seminar.

As I walked up to hug him, he stopped me in my tracks, pointed at a one hundred dollar bill pinned to my chest and asked me “Mike, what’s this?”

“Oh finally!” I yelled back into my own microphone.

“I’ve had this pinned to my chest all day waiting to see who was going to ask me about it. I mean anyone could’ve just walked up and asked. ‘What’s up with this money’. And I would’ve just given it to them.

I must’ve talked to over a hundred people today and everyone looked at it, but not one person asked!?”

It was an experiment to see how many people would walk away from opportunity because of fear. A non fear based entrepreneur would just ask. But someone with fears…no way! What if I tried to pitch them on something, what if I rejected them personally? What if , what if, what if”

“There’s no strings attached. This is yours”… I unpinned the money and handed it to Yanik, giving him a hug.

At this point, you could hear all the groans in the audience from people I had spoke with that day.. Not one asked.

Life isn’t going to just force hundred dollar bills into your hands.

You’re going to have to ask for them! You’re going to have to reach for them! You’re going to have to drop the fears and just do it.

I’ve achieved so much in business, in spirit and in life because I was scared!

The more scared, the faster I ran towards my fear, screaming “im so damn scared” the entire way!

I’m proud of the man I am and the man I am still to become as I surrender even more of my own fears.

Join me and lets be afraid together 🙂

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