What great advice, right? Just be yourself! 

But what if you don’t have the slightest idea “who you are”? 

Or worse, you chose who you are? 

Are you the angry woman in the grocery store? 

Are you the misogynist man, objectifying women? 

Are you the spiritual giver who is attracted to light and love? 

Are you a devout christian in love with Jesus?

Are you the mental health sufferer who’s not understood?

Are you the spiritual warrior playing in a cosmic battleground?

Are you the giver who lives to help solve inequity?

REALLY which “self” are you?

As an invisible human extra in your movie for however long we have known each other, there’s one thing I can promise… 

You are all of them. You are everything and everyone.

After decades of trying on different masks (persona) and dissolving them, the patterns and the choices of every human, everywhere, including my “self” became crystal clear. It’s all patterns and it’s all choice. We often revert back to the most familiar mask for us (even if the mask is painful). But even that is a choice.

If I could impart a single piece of advice for you, it would be this: 

Play as many characters in this movie as you want! 

However you feel today, that is the self. 

Be naked, unafraid and proud to try on a different mask as often as you like. There is a lesson in each mask and a surrender in knowing it deeply.

I love you all my friends. Thanks for writing me into your movie. 

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