The world is a beautiful house of mirrors. Well, beautiful when we look for the beauty in the mirror. Every person, event, emotion, observation… literally everything is a mirror lesson. For more on this, study The 7 Essene mirrors, or most any religion’s core message.

Last night’s mirror is sitting with me this morning as I contemplate my day. 

I was sitting with mom on the couch after bringing her home from Ray’s house (my brother), where she spent a couple days recouping after her hospital visit.

“Mom, can you eat some more burrito so you can take those night meds?” I asked. It was getting late and I wanted to get back to the RV.

Mom replied in her normal, pre-programmed response… “I’m not really hungry”. 

So funny how the mind works. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’ve been taught to hear the truth of the words, not the words themselves. 

A voice inside me said “now is the time”…  

“Mom, when was the last time you said ‘I’m hungry, I’d love to eat’”? 

She laughed out loud, then replied “I don’t remember” while still chuckling a little as the thought sunk in.

There was some silence, then a little small talk, followed by… 

“Honey, do you think I don’t want to be here?” she asked

I tried my best to help her check out the metaphorical “can of worms” that had been opened.

“What do you really want?”. “I mean really really, what do you want? And how do you feel about your life right now?”

Like many seniors, she doesn’t have a counselor, she doesn’t talk to anyone about this stuff, and it’s the one thing that fills her waking thoughts. Well, those not distracted by the TV’s barrage of gunfire and murder analysis. Two things that trigger an adrenaline response to help us feel something…. anything. 

Without going into detail, here are the highlights of our chat:

* To live without purpose is existing, not living

* Mental decline is frustrating & saddening

* Losing friends can be devastating (Her partner & my wife were the world to her)

* Addictive emotional loops can rob you of true desire.

* Comfort can be your worst enemy and usually is!

* When you don’t see life as a choice, choices are made for you.

* We are what we ingest (physical & non physical)

* It’s never too late to start choosing

When we were done talking she said “Honey, can you help me?”.

“Of course,” I replied. “That’s why I’m here. I already set up your starting supplements, I’m creating some meal plans this week, and we’re going to get you eating real whole foods and moving around. I’ll bring my BrainTap, get yours charged and your helpers will start helping put it on you 3 times daily to get your brain back in order. Stopping those corn syrup based foods and reducing sugars will be huge for your brain function and overall health.”

There is a total plan for her that I’m putting together before I go home based on her very specific dietary preferences. But what’s really important for her and for you…   


This is the mirror for ME today, so maybe yours too? Or maybe you already found your own mirror in this story. 

Every day is a choice to live, or not. Choose wisely.

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