The Universe, Your Glass, and You


You know me, I’m a “glass is brimming over” kind of guy. So, when the universe took my glass, shattered it on the ground, and it felt like it used the shards to pierce my heart, it was a tough pill to swallow. (My initial “back off, universe” reaction has thankfully subsided).

Just yesterday, a friend reached out to me, torn between the turmoil in the world and the satisfaction of seeing the “bad guys” finally getting “theirs”. The emotional whirlwind was palpable.

I empathized with her, knowing all too well what it feels like to be swallowed by the shadows.

Then, a message flowed through me for her, a message I now feel compelled to share with you.

Have you ever just lost yourself in the stars?

I mean, have you ever laid back and let your gaze wander into the infinite expanse of the night sky?

If you have, you’ll know this…

If you fixate on ONE STAR for long enough, all the other stars fade into oblivion!

You’ll find yourself staring at a single point of light against a dark backdrop, oblivious to the cosmic ballet of countless stars twinkling just for you.

Our lives mirror that night sky.

When we obsess over a single aspect of our existence, everything else fades into the darkness. But that’s not how life should be lived. There’s so much beauty around us, if only we’d take the time to see it.

So, today, I urge you to seek out the beautiful things in your world. Be the beacon that illuminates the world by saying, “Yes, things are tough. But look at these other stars over here.”

Let’s help each other by highlighting the beauty, the color, and the light in the other stars that can fill our vision if we let them.

I don’t know about you, but I love gazing up at the galaxies that stretch out into the cosmos. I also love staring into the earthly stars that fill my world – the loving couples, the wise elders, the beautiful animals, and every ray of light that serves as a reminder… you’re made of stardust too 🙂

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