When you are truly on “the path”, you look pretty damn insane to nearly everyone. Especially those who love you. Most of the last 15+ years have been spent in total surrender. Nothing was consciously chosen and everything was based on coincidence, synchronicity and the hand of God. Carolyn Myss calls it “listening to […]

Let’s go DEEP today… Grief or Gratitude? Which is OK?

  While flipping through my “Teaching of Buddha” book today, I found these post-it notes Crystal left around the house on our 17th year anniversary. I was instantly filled with gratitude and joy for the time I was able to spend with my love. My heart filled with a gratitude that I could never put […]

From Anger to Love

The jumps we make on the ladder of emotion are not always easy. In fact, sometimes they can feel impossible. In a single day, all of my beliefs and the way I saw the world changed. Anger faded. It happened about 5 years ago in a 3 day meditation. I’m going to give you the […]