The Green M&M’s

  Over the decades I’ve been elated to help couples remember why they chose each other after the honeymoon period has melted away.  Like an M&M held in the hands too long, the color has started to  wash away. The sweat of the relationship’s fire is just too much. The more fire, the faster that […]

The “Halloween Kiss”

  I had no idea she was going to kiss me, but she regretted it the second it happened! Crystal and I dressed up to hit the town on Halloween, one of our favorite holidays to be able to play and have fun as a couple. We weren’t married yet, but we were engaged and […]

Marriage and relationship issues

  Before we start, let me thank you for being a rare and amazing person! In a world of “30 seconds or less”, you’re one of a handful who take the time to listen, learn and grow. Be proud of that. Own how truly rare you are! Thank you 🙂 So, like most of us, […]

“You never listen!” – has this every happened?

  The key to finding or being happy in a relationship. About 2 years ago, my wife and I were having some communication struggles.  We would get into an argument over something silly and I couldn’t understand how she couldn’t see the bigger picture of the argument. It was an ongoing frustration for me.  Because […]