I made a lot of mistakes

  Made a lot of mistakes in my life. The one I never made, was giving up on my love. We were far from perfect, but commitment meant something to us both and we understood the journey we were on. I see the busy in the world and know how important Ram Dass was for […]

Let’s go DEEP today… Grief or Gratitude? Which is OK?

  While flipping through my “Teaching of Buddha” book today, I found these post-it notes Crystal left around the house on our 17th year anniversary. I was instantly filled with gratitude and joy for the time I was able to spend with my love. My heart filled with a gratitude that I could never put […]

Our Search for Happy and that moment of clarity

  Ever feel like happiness is just out of reach?  Let me share a tale about a man named Hector. He had a comfortable life, a loving partner, a rewarding job, and all the material comforts one could wish for. Yet, he wasn’t happy. Haunted by a nagging sense of dissatisfaction, Hector decided to embark […]