Love ... It Really Is All You Need.

When you follow the prompts of the Universe, you end up in the right place, at the right time.

Even if you don’t get what you “wanted”, you will always get what you need.


Being alone sucks!

Oh yeah… that little black cassette tape with its “scotch tape over the hole” was my prized possession. I played it over and over. I had to write down every single word.

Musings and Memories From Decades of Personal Growth & Surrender

Personal growth isn’t a choice for some of us. It’s the reason Mike was born. Pick a story from the past the resonates with you. All stories are true. 

The coincidences begin

  They started slowly, and over time, but they changed my life. MESSAGE #1 – Quit lying to yourself. I was excited and nervous about my first public presentation I was about to give. It was 1999 and I’d been dating on the internet for a couple years. After falling

My daughter Nicole wrote this for you

  My daughter felt compelled to write it and felt like someone here needed to hear it and to share her experience. Let her and I know what you think 🙂     Love is a very complicated thing. We show it in so many ways, all of us differently.

The Hitchhiker – an encounter with the divine

  Every story I’ve shared actually happened. This story is no different. It was 2 days before my wedding to Crystal and my heart was heavy. I’d been married before and while I would not change anything about my past, I was hesitant to marry again, even though I’d been

The Soulmate Contract… we’ve been lied to!

  To give love, be loved and to demonstrate love is something we deeply enjoy. You’re reading this means we have a lot in common, so love must be in your soul.   What you may not know, is that my love and I had a rocky start.  We were on

Shedding fear and massive transformation in under 2 hours!

  As a student of psychology and personal growth, I am always on the lookout for experiences that shake my soul and journey. A few months ago, I witnessed something that left me in awe and utter amazement. During an event hosted by Bart & Sunny Miller, something magical unfolded.


  We live in an age where entertainment is surprisingly able to deliver all new heights and value to society. To me, Ted Lasso is and will likely always be, one of the pinnacles of art, humanity and love expression in video media.  Our media is also able to provide

It really isn’t “fair” is it?

  When my family and I were in Texas for Crystal’s medical treatments, every day was a challenge. The energy of the city, the massive amount of people, the anger, it was so much! Damn those mirrors always reflecting back to me! (other people) It would be easy to say

Lost Your Drive & Desire… You’re not alone!

  I’ve been on a personal journey for a couple decades now. One that involved me diving into the depths of who “Mike” actually is. It’s definitely reshaped my understanding of drive, desire, and love.  Honestly, some would call my entire experience an “existential crisis” and label it some mid-life