Love ... It Really Is All You Need.

When you follow the prompts of the Universe, you end up in the right place, at the right time.

Even if you don’t get what you “wanted”, you will always get what you need.


Being alone sucks!

Oh yeah… that little black cassette tape with its “scotch tape over the hole” was my prized possession. I played it over and over. I had to write down every single word.

Musings and Memories From Decades of Personal Growth & Surrender

Personal growth isn’t a choice for some of us. It’s the reason Mike was born. Pick a story from the past the resonates with you. All stories are true. 


  When you are truly on “the path”, you look pretty damn insane to nearly everyone. Especially those who love you. Most of the last 15+ years have been spent in total surrender. Nothing was consciously chosen and everything was based on coincidence, synchronicity and the hand of God. Carolyn

A 10 year long synchronicity

  The party was just “meh”, I never really liked parties much. My date, on the other hand, was stellar! I asked if she wanted to have a smoke on the patio. She sat on my lap and the smoke from her Clove cigarette wafted around us like some sort

Knowing This Could Save A Life… The importance of Love Bids

  She looked at me, half concerned, half upset. She truly didn’t understand… “Why are you upset? What you said didn’t require a response?” she said plainly. She was right. It didn’t. My simple statement had nothing to do with the statement itself. After years of frustration on both of

Let’s go DEEP today… Grief or Gratitude? Which is OK?

  While flipping through my “Teaching of Buddha” book today, I found these post-it notes Crystal left around the house on our 17th year anniversary. I was instantly filled with gratitude and joy for the time I was able to spend with my love. My heart filled with a gratitude

When depression came knocking, I beat it’s ass!

  My entire life I could never understand depression. I mean mentally, sure, I understood the concept. But it was only a surface understanding of something that was completely foreign to me. Kinda like describing sex. Do you remember what it was like before? Or after? You heard people talk

Being alone sucks…

  Before streaming, before the internet, before CD’s, there was the time of radio. Even then, I carried imprints from my past and wounds for my future.  In 1982 one song captured my heart. I had to know the depths of it. (yup I was 11, but a pisces moon

Stop with all the sexual advances!

  God sent me a friend who needed help. I didn’t mean to make her cry, but I cared enough to share the truth with her.  She was troubled in her relationship. Her partner always turns things “sexual”. The frustration was getting unbearable.  “Why won’t he stop all this sexual

Marriage and relationship issues

  Before we start, let me thank you for being a rare and amazing person! In a world of “30 seconds or less”, you’re one of a handful who take the time to listen, learn and grow. Be proud of that. Own how truly rare you are! Thank you 🙂