Love ... It Really Is All You Need.

When you follow the prompts of the Universe, you end up in the right place, at the right time.

Even if you don’t get what you “wanted”, you will always get what you need.


Being alone sucks!

Oh yeah… that little black cassette tape with its “scotch tape over the hole” was my prized possession. I played it over and over. I had to write down every single word.

Musings and Memories From Decades of Personal Growth & Surrender

Personal growth isn’t a choice for some of us. It’s the reason Mike was born. Pick a story from the past the resonates with you. All stories are true. 


  The world is a beautiful house of mirrors. Well, beautiful when we look for the beauty in the mirror. Every person, event, emotion, observation… literally everything is a mirror lesson. For more on this, study The 7 Essene mirrors, or most any religion’s core message. Last night’s mirror is


  For a long time I was afraid of death. Still am, but it’s different. I don’t want death and I wouldn’t wanna lose anyone in my life. With the passing of Crystal and my dad, my relationship with death changed. Actually, it had changed long before I lost Crystal.

The Green M&M’s

  Over the decades I’ve been elated to help couples remember why they chose each other after the honeymoon period has melted away.  Like an M&M held in the hands too long, the color has started to  wash away. The sweat of the relationship’s fire is just too much. The

The “Halloween Kiss”

  I had no idea she was going to kiss me, but she regretted it the second it happened! Crystal and I dressed up to hit the town on Halloween, one of our favorite holidays to be able to play and have fun as a couple. We weren’t married yet,

I made a lot of mistakes

  Made a lot of mistakes in my life. The one I never made, was giving up on my love. We were far from perfect, but commitment meant something to us both and we understood the journey we were on. I see the busy in the world and know how

How I found my soulmate

  Her name was Heather and at the time, I thought she was the best thing ever!  She introduced me to Madam Krystle. Not my wife, but my psychic bestie the last 25 years now.  I remember the day that Heather took me to Krystles house. I can’t tell you

The Sins of The Father, science proving scripture?

  The face he made when he was angry always scared me.  The raw power my father scared everyone. What flowed through him could never be explained in words… only felt by everyone around him.  When Marvel released the new version of “The Hulk”, that was pretty much it. He

Can you see it?

  It was late afternoon and the streets of Manhattan were packed! I had just left a 3 day Iboga meditation retreat though, and nothing was going to pull me into chaos. I felt completely at peace and completely one with the world. Iboga is the only plant medicine I’ve